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        Is Islam terrorism? January 7th 2015, the world faced another “radical” “Islamic” terrorist attack in France where some “Islamic” fundamentalists stormed into Charlie Hebdo magazine office and killed 12 people, including police officers. This atrocity in the name of Islam and humanity is neither of Islamic origin or humane. The perpetrators do not represent any cultural, or religious values that Islam contains, but rather a means to fill their own insecure beliefs of religion and their political affiliations. Not even once has the Prophet Mohammed peace be upon him (PBUH) killed anyone who has insulted him. This is self-evident in the scenarios of Al-Taif, a city near Mecca where the prophet was stoned and humiliated for his message. When Allah gave the Prophet the option to seek revenge or forgive them, the prophet forgave them in the hopes of a more tolerant generation among them. Today, there are a few reasons why one would carry out terrorism, and as prominent researches and political scientists state, it’s not due to Islam but rather a political belief or misinterpretation of religion. Read Full Article

You know history is awesome when you have a war that was caused by a pig, a potato and an Irishman. The Pig War is an interesting scenario in history which reflects the irrational and aggressive nature of humans. I was always fond of this story because its one of those historic examples where a tiny dispute between two people can lead into a massive war. In this case, its about a pig that walked into its neighbors farm and ate its potatoes. Read Full Article

    An idea is an image, a reaction, a feeling and a thought that is placed within the heart and mind of an individual. Ideas, unlike policies and systems are bulletproof. American image in the Middle East today is disrupted to its core in many ways. Read Full Article

To: Red Crescent Society of the United Arab Emirates

From: Nasser AlFalasi, Graduate student of Global Affairs at New York University

Subject: Social and economic challenges at the Mrajeeb Al Fhood refugee camp



The refugee camp Mrajeeb al Fhood in Jordan is “home” to about 4,000 Syrian refugees who have fled the chaos in Syria. The camp is funded by the United Arab Emirates, and although the operational expense is not published, as from 2012 the UAE has spent $683 million USD to Syrian refugees of which $10 million went into Mrajeeb al Fhood. The camp provides 24/7 coffee and tea services, three cooked meals a day, media room, playground, trailers for each family, electricity and warm water. The camp has been dubbed a “5 star refugee camp” by many NGO’s and journalists due to the services they provide. However, a few kilometers away is the UN funded Syrian refugee camp Zataari. Read Full Article

The Islamic State today has as acquired more than 100,000 fighters since its establishment beginning in 2014 ( In addition, almost 100 Americans have joined the Islamic State in a call for Jihad (Erlanger and Cowell). The Islamic State is growing and is building itself into a nation that controls resources, agriculture, economics and most of all, labor force. What is more fascinating is the number of people who are actually joining the Islamic State in the hopes of a better future. With an effort to build up a nation, the Islamic State is attempting to establish a unique religious identity to the state. They have established passports, anthems, flags, patriotism, goals, values and most of all, a religious fulfillment all in the name of Islam. However, although the Islamic State is claiming to have formed a religious identity to all Muslims, I believe that it’s not a religious identity they have established but rather a national one. The Islamic State claim to have established the Khilafa (Caliphate) and the call for Jihad and such through the use of religion, however this is a political and national identity they are pursuing and not a religious one, and here is why.

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The author of “Promoting Democratization Can Combat Terrorism”, Jennifer L. Windsor lays out rather interesting points regarding terrorism in the Middle East and its relation with democracy. Windsor states that democracy alone as a system of election and a political entity is not enough to prevent terrorism. There needs to be an influx of constitutional liberalism where economic, social and political freedoms cannot be crippled by presidential constraints on the population.

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A simple video I made in memory of the thousands who are being killed unjustly in Palestine. #PrayforPalestine

Pictures and clips were extracted from a pool of sources through Google and Youtube.

Featured Image by: guevara02

There is a popular rumor going around throughout the world today, and that’s that when a Muslim commits suicide he is welcomed in paradise with 72 virgins. However, here is the Irony of the whole story… its false. Almost every Muslim in the world knows that this story isn’t authenticated, true or contains any historical or religious context from the Prophet Mohammed Peace be upon him (PBUH) or the Quran. For all we know it’s probably just a high school rumor.

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Delivering as One (DaO) is a UN initiative was launched in 2007 in the hopes of uniting UN agencies under a single power in every country. Meaning that UN agencies in Afghanistan will all fall under one leader, one budget and one operational support system. The goal of this was to increase efficiency, cut overlapping agencies, reduces unnecessary costs and have a centralized goal and strategy. However a question is raised as to whether the DaO would be able to manage and coordinate each country from a single power. The DaO focused on each country differently and did not have a single set out platform for each country. As an example, Mozambique and Uruguay are two different economies, cultures and institutions, because of such the DaO was established uniquely to tailor each country. The DaO in my opinion holds a promising future, only if however political corruption of a single ruler or party would be avoided.

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