About me




There are 7 billion people on this planet, that’s 7 billion ideas and opinions, I’m just another one with a website. My name is Nasser AlFalasi, simply put I’m a pantomath. I completed my bachelors at the Higher Colleges of Technology in Dubai, majoring in Financial Services. After graduating from the Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Scholars Program, a nine months US foreign policy course, I realized that my true ambitions lay in Global Affairs. I then decided to change my academic path from making money to making a difference in the world. Recently I graduated with a master’s degree in Global Affairs at New York University.I write in order to understand my position and roles in a certain topic better. I welcome criticism with open arms, and I truly believe in undisputed equality amongst all. My values are based on equal rights, social capital and undeniable freedoms. While curiosity and dedication drives me, my hobbies also include video games, debating, and Ice-cream.