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Throughout the past 8 years or so I have asked more than 300 people of what their perception of a man or woman is. I first asked it out of curiosity to family and friends during my teens, then again when in New York when I was 23, and now to my students at Zayed University. This article will lay out the shifts in my perception and the various answers I got throughout my life. Do note that until this day I do not believe I have a definitive answer to the limitless question of what makes a man or woman, though I do have decent opinions on the matter. Read Full Article

After the Crusaders besieged the city of Jerusalem in 1099, history records a massacre of both Muslim and Jewish inhabitants by the thousands in the hands of the Crusaders. Fast forward 88 years later at the siege of Jerusalem in 1187 led by Saladin the actions he took forever echoed in both Muslim and Christian sources. Read Full Article

I’m sure you heard the famous quote before by Santayana “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” I can bet that more than half of you are rolling your eyes thinking, here we go again back to boring school history. Truth is, yes history is boring. History is the story of the past; people back then have never experienced the technology or social structure that we take for granted today. Regardless, as long as you remember, there is always a lesson to learn from history. Read Full Article

My anxious foot is rebelling against me as I tap the floor of a Friday packed restaurant in Downtown Dubai. Impatiently staring at my finely made steak as my friend snapchat the plate from every angle, like an archaeologist unravelling the mystery of yesterday. Yesterday… I had sushi yesterday, Hamachi Maki with a drizzle of Kikkoman soy sauce. It’s funny how things work today wouldn’t you say? For breakfast one can have the New York eggs benedict, for lunch a Jordanian Mansaf with mint tea, and for dinner a Spanish sea food paella from the aroma of the sea’s. Read Full Article

On November 14th 2015 I participated in one of Expo2020’s first youth events, #YouthConnect, that took place in Dubai. This full day event was busy with various speakers, workshops, seminars, comedy shows, and entertainment. Among the brilliant speakers there was Mohammed Saeed Harib the founder of Fareej, and Sara Amiri, the Deputy Project Manager to the Emirates Mars Mission. But there was one speaker whose words and thoughts resonated in me for a few days. Read Full Article

Omar ibn Abdul’Aziz (Omar II) was the first revivalist in Islamic history. He was the eighth caliph of the Umayyad Caliphate in 717 until his assassination in 719. Although only two and a half years in power, he revived the duties and responsibilities of the caliph, gave back the wealth to the people, set policies that are active till today, and worked in uniting between the Muslim communities. Read Full Article

There are two foods in this world that have a special place in most of our hearts, ice-cream and Nutella. And there is a country that provides those two, Turkey. Other than their mouthwatering Turkish ice-cream, Turkey also produces 80 percent of hazelnut in the world, which is the primary ingredient for Nutella. (FOA United Nations 2015) However, there is more to Turkey than its ice-cream and hazelnut production. Read Full Article